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Why Backpackers Should Use Hostels

One of the best aspects of backpacking is meeting fellow like-minded individuals who share a unified love for adventure and seeing the world in all of its unfiltered glory.

But where can one go to meet fellow backpackers?

A hostel of course.

But don’t just see a hostel as a cheap social gathering. In today’s world, hostels offer much more than common areas that entice conversation. Hostels offer an inexpensive form of comfort while traveling for backpackers. From closed circuit cameras and lockers to providing a list of activities and organized local tours, to providing linen and towels, hostels can make a backpackers night of relaxation a memorable one.

Benefits of a Hostel

As social beings, we love to interact with people who share a common goal, or activity. Backpackers are a unique open-minded group of individuals who have chosen an inexpensive way to truly see, enjoy and learn about the world. Therefore, it is expected they would want to interact with fellow backpackers, and hostels are a perfect location to do so.

Most hostels offer a common area for meal preparation and eating. These locations are excellent instigators for good conversations which can help a backpacker learn how to make their trip a spectacular success. Also, some hostels have bars with marvelous happy hour deals.

Hostels offer large spaces where groups of people can sleep. This continues the communal concept and helps keep the cost of traveling down tremendously.

If sleeping with a group of strangers is not your cup of tea, don’t despair. Hostels are equipped with spacious and comfortable private rooms. A backpacker can consider a private or smaller dorm room for some much-needed privacy.  

These rooms while private still provide the adventurous traveler a chance to interact with others in a safe environment by sharing common kitchen areas and restrooms. For further safety, some hostels offer female only rooms.

Closed circuit TVs maintain an ever vigilant eye over the environment. Furthermore, lockers are available in most hostels. Some even offer a locker for clothing other items complete with a plug to charge electronic equipment.

Since they are often manned by natives, hostels are a great place to learn all about a backpacker’s current location. Hostel staff members are friendly and eager to provide valuable knowledge. They can recommend restaurants provide bus and shuttle schedules and tips on the hottest places to unwind.

A backpacker can find the best information about local cuisine, events, and locations from signs and posters attached on bulletin boards in their common areas, but a good old conversation with a friendly staff member can provide amazing insight.

Last, some hostels even go as far as to provide their own walking tours around local communities, which can make scheduling a visit a lot easier for a backpacker.

As you can see, hostels can provide a safe, inexpensive and social ridden means to travel. A backpacker would do themselves a serious disservice if they did not use a hostel as they traverse the world.