Country Gardens: The best tips for landscaping an apartment

The process of arranging an apartment extends far beyond the choice of a furniture set and style. Real cosines in a living room can be achieved when it is pleasant and safe in it. And more importantly, the apartment should have such elements that will help to relax and recharge all internal resources.

It is these natural elements that will cope with these tasks, like no other. Variants of “green” companions are a lot: plants in pots, flowers, artificial moss, loach or ivy, phytotenes. We all heard in the fifth grade on biology: Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. And what can be more relevant in a metropolis than a well-equipped apartment with oxygen? Read the professional landscapers advice and soon choose an eco-friend.


The main zone in which the presence of any vegetation is desirable is the bedroom. It is possible to place a pot with a plant on a pedestal by the bed, or to hang it in a flowerpot in an intricate way, – the main thing is for fanciful plants to have access to natural light. For this reason, it’s better to immediately inquire as far as your pets are shade-tolerant.

For the bedroom, the best option is aloe – the most oxygen-rich plant. Be careful with the lilies – this flower, on the contrary, absorbs a lot of oxygen, and can cause even a headache.The living room or neutral room can be decorated with outdoor plants, but for the kitchen it is recommended to choose heat-loving inhabitants.

What are the options?

The status of the hardiest plant rightfully belongs to the cactus. In most cases, it should be watered only once a month, it perfectly coexists with other indoor plants, the cactus does not have to stand next to the window. Among other popular variants of vegetation: ficus, bonsai, and varieties of succulents.

Blossoming plants are no less common variant of interior decoration. Open shelves, balconies, window sills, kitchen tables and coffee tables with pleasure will be chosen by violets, geraniums, fuchsias.

In the living room or bedroom, floor plants and trees will look spectacular. Addition to the eclectic style of the interior will be mini-palm trees or citrus trees.

The most outlandish option is to arrange in the apartment “home jungle.” This will be obtained with the help of ampel, or climbing plants. Ivy, wild grapes, chlorophytum decorate the wall or spectacularly braid the hanging shelves, a room set or a lamp.

Phytostenes: a guide to choice and care

The phytocomposition can be successfully applied to a more recent view of any space. The most original variant will be a bathroom decorated with a phytostenque. Classical phytosten is a vertical panel of moss. The process of care for the phytostenque includes the treatment of moss with a harmless glycerin that does not affect the air in the apartment in any way.


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