Exciting Themed Beds for Children

Themed beds are an exciting and fun idea for children. Parents can pick the subject or character their child is most interested in and get them the ideal bed of their dreams. Hyder beds have an excellent selection of these; from the ever popular racing car bed to a bed that is built inside its own castle. There are fairy princess castles and medieval knight castles, cabin beds and pirate ship beds. Some designs have the bed inside, with a fantasy world built around it, whilst others have the bed on top, with plenty of storage underneath. Some of these top-set beds have slides attached for quick descent; making them more fun for kids. Themed beds are always popular among children and Hyder Beds take this one step further, with entire fantasy lands built around the place where children dream. What better way to ensure a child’s restful sleep, than surrounded by their favourite dreams.


Cabin Beds to Save Space


It is a great idea for children’s rooms to buy cabin beds to save space. We bought one to stage our kid’s room, when we sold our last house. Hyder Beds have a varied selection of these, to fit all size and shape of bedroom. The initial concept is that the bed is raised and the space underneath it used for storage; wardrobe, shelves, drawers, even writing desks for homework. In cases where the room already has this other furniture, the space underneath becomes a playhouse for the child. Some Hyder Beds designs have the entire unit covered with a canvas which depicts a vehicle or a castle; adding to the child’s enjoyment. Others are plain and functional; usually appealing to slightly older children and making life much easier for Mum who has to clean. The basic structure of Hyper Beds cabin beds can be of wood; painted or not, or they may be of metal but all are structurally sound as well as attractive and functional.


High Sleeper Beds for Older Children


High sleeper beds for older children are the next step from cabin beds for young ones. A high sleeper bed is a full-size single or even double bed which is raised; allowing for storage space or other furniture underneath. Hyder Beds have some excellent choices of these: The Loft Bed which is ideal for a small space and has the bed raised on metal framework, leaving a large open space below. Then there are a choice of high sleepers for students, with a desk, shelves and drawers underneath, or another with a wardrobe and shelves underneath. An excellent idea to turn an older child’s room into a studio is the Futon Bunk or the Alaska Bed, which have a high sleeper bed and a futon beneath, which can be a sofa or guest bed. Whatever is needed for a child’s bedroom; Hyder beds have the ideal solution, in their vast range of bunk beds, cabin beds, high sleepers and much more.

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